Is this our next calamity of 2020? Terminators? Well, it may not be quite like the movies, but there is an actual group that has voiced concerns over the development and use of autonomous weapons for years. News Sky says the group's name is The Campaign To Stop Killer Robots, and it was formed in 2012 in London. But what is all the fuss about?

Some want any sort of machine that can make decisions without human intervention banned. Sky says that a number of countries want to stop further development of said weapons. While some have argued over the years the machine operated weapons could keep more soldiers off the front lines, and thus save lives, others say that removing human control from weapons sets a dangerous precedent.

Mary Wareham, of Human Rights Watch and of the Campaign To Stop Killer Robots, said:

An international ban treaty is the only effective way to deal with the serious challenges raised by fully autonomous weapons.

In a year with a pandemic, plus widespread protests and riots, the idea of self-aware killing machines on the battlefields of the future isn't exactly very comforting.

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