Did you know it is World Snake Day? Probably not, After all, a lot of people don't really like snakes.

CBS NY is reporting that it all happens at a place called Dreaming Goddess in Poughkeepsie The woman in charge calls herself Serpentessa. One of Serpentessa's specialties is something called a snake massage. According to this video from CBS, it's pretty much like it sounds (unless you've got you mind in the gutter and are thinking of something else). You're going to lay on table and some snakes are going to slither all over you.

CBS says that a massage that last a little over an hour will cost you three hundred dollars. From there, Serpentessa will guide the snakes (in this case, boa constrictors) all over the persons body.

Sound like fun?

She says that the exercise helps release endorphins and oxytocin, and stimulates the nerves. She goes on to say that while there are never guarantees with wild animals, no one has ever been hurt by any of her snakes in twenty five years.

Interested yet? Maybe we'll hold off for National Corn Fritters Day instead.