The USA Network has recreated a town in Dutchess County for a new television series they're filming, but you'll never guess where they set up shop.

According to a Facebook post from Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro, the cable network has recreated his hometown of Tivoli, NY for a new television show. Now the crazy thing about the story, in my opinion, isn't that they've included the sleepy little town but where it's filming. You'll never guess!

Nope, not in the obvious spot--the village of Tivoli. Nope, not in Dutchess County. No, not in New York and no, not even in the United States of America. They've moved Tivoli all the way to Canada. Yeah, Canada!

According to a blog called Catchlight Canada their little Canadian town, Rosseau, has temporarily been turned into our little New York town for a show called Eyewitness. You can see the transformation in several pictures featured in the blog. Stores converted, road signs swapped out, even the post office and a sheriff's office to boot.

The only thing I saw in the pictures that seemed pretty out of place was NYC taxi cabs. Seems even when doing a full scale replica of an "upstate" town people think we're all in the city. No word yet on the premise of the show or when it's set to air but I'll be sure to keep you posted.