Local Star Wars fans are getting the shaft this Thursday as Solo premieres early everywhere but here.

For some reason several local theaters have opted not to offer an official opening night fan event for the newest Star Wars film, despite sold out showings for previous films.  The highly anticipated origin story of Han Solo debuts this Thursday night, and theaters across the country are holding special showings at 6:30pm that include limited edition giveaways, bonus footage and concession specials.

The Star Wars fan event is nothing new. Special premiere night events have been held for previous films. I attended a sold out showing in December for The Last Jedi and there were plenty of people willing to pay the extra money for a chance to see the film an hour earlier . It's unclear why the early showings are suddenly no longer available in the Hudson Valley, but many fans that I spoke to are disappointed.

Regal Cinemas is heavily promoting the 6:30pm fan event on their website, but there are no showings being offered at any of the three local theaters in Poughkeepsie, Kingston or Fishkill. The only Hudson Valley fan event is at the AMC theater in the Galleria at Crystal Run, and that showing is completely sold out.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Screening - Sydney
Cassandra Hannagan/Getty Images for Disney

A curious decision by local Regal Cinemas to only offer the fan event in 3D last year may have led to sluggish pre-sales. While the showing did eventually sell out in Poughkeepsie, many die-hard fans preferred to see the film in 2D, especially on opening night. Later, non-3D showings sold out much quicker than the fan event. Perhaps that's why the event was pulled for Solo?

Whatever the reason, there are currently only two 3D and two standard showings offered on Thursday night at each of the three Hudson Valley Regal Cinemas. AMC Theaters in Middletown is offering seven different showings, in addition their 6:30pm Fan Event.

Will you be catching Solo on opening night? Let us know when you plan on seeing the newest Star Wars film in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.