A Sullivan County high school principal has been reassigned to an elementary school to perform administrative duties. 

On Wednesday, the Eldred School District announced that the principal at Eldred High School will be reassigned to Mackenzie Elementary School to perform administrative duties.

The announcement was posted on the school district's webiste by Superintendent John Morgano and stated the following:

Dear Eldred Community,

I wanted to make you aware that in my capacity as Superintendent, I have the right to assign and re-assign administrators in the District. I have made the decision to re-assign the high school principal to perform administrative duties for the school district and to locate his office in the Mackenzie Elementary School. The assignment is based on the needs of the District at this time. If you have any questions regarding this decision, please contact me.

Thank you.

On October 25, a Sullivan County jury ordered the Eldred School District to pay $1 million in damages to a former student who was routinely bullied. The district was found negligent in not adressing the bullying.