A family-run Hudson Valley roller skating rink that's been in operation for generations is now up for sale.

Ask any child of the 80s where some of the most memorable moments of their lives were held and most likely the local roller skating rink will be on the list. I vividly remember the flashing disco ball, the deep bass thumping as the DJ played all of the top hits, the smell of that pizza cooking and the feel of my cold clammy hand when the cute girl in my 8th-grade class picked me to skate with during"ladies choice".

While rollerskating certainly isn't as popular as it once was, the rink is still one of the last places teens and tweens can gather on the weekends to interact face-to-face instead of hiding behind a smartphone screen. My son now goes to the roller rink to meet up with friends from his middle school and from what he says, things haven't changed at all.

Hyde Park
CR Properties

Hudson Valley Roller Rink For Sale

Sadly, the future of one of the Hudson Valley's most iconic roller skating rinks is now up in the air. A listing for Roller Magic in Hyde Park was recently posted by CR Properties that shows the property is officially up for sale.

The rink, which has had its share of controversy over the past few years, is officially on the market which has some people concerned about the future of this local landmark. Located on almost three acres next to the Eveready Diner, it's unclear if a new owner would decide to continue to operate it as a rink or repurpose the land and building for a new business.

G. Leggiere
G. Leggiere

Roller Magic Issues With Hyde Park Building Department

Last year, Roller Magic was forced to close its doors due to safety concerns. An official notice on the business' front door indicated that the rink was deemed "unsafe" and prohibited from having anyone occupy the building.

At the time, former employees and patrons shared concerns over leaks in the ceiling and other unsanitary conditions. Since then, Roller Magic has reopened and presumably corrected any issues the building department had.

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