No time to make dinner? Don't worry, the chefs at the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park have you covered.

We all know how frustrating it can be to not only cook every night but also attempt to come up with a recipe you haven't made hundreds of times before. Being stuck in a dinner rut can have terrible consequences like meatloaf, breakfast for dinner and picking up burgers at the drive-thru.

Culinary Institute Offers a Solution for Home Cooks

Weeknight cooking just got easier thanks to the students and chefs at the CIA. The culinary school in Hyde Park, New York has just launched a new service called Meezbox. The unique meal-prep solution offers professionally prepared ingredients and recipes without the hassle of subscription services.

Unlike the meal services you hear advertised on podcasts, Meezbox doesn't require customers to plan out what they're going to eat weeks ahead of time. Hudson Valley residents can simply log onto the site, see what's on the menu for the day and place an order to pick up on the way home.

For example, today the CIA has kits for Zucchini Bucatini, Shrimp Pad Thai, Grilled Salmon, Lemon Roasted Chicken and other items like soups, desserts and sides. All of the ingredients are included, professionally prepped and ready to cook at home.

Hudson Valley residents can order what they like before 1pm and pick the order up on campus at the Marketplace Express before 6pm.

Mise En Place For Your Place

The name Meezbox is a take on the French cooking concept of Mise En Place, which means "putting in place". Making sure all ingredients are prepared and gathered before the cooking begins is an important lesson all culinary students learn and a discipline that all great chefs follow. Meezbox leaves that hard work to trained chefs and allows the home cook to just do the fun stuff of putting it all together and enjoying the end product.

The service has just debuted at the Culinary Institute of America's Hyde Park campus and will soon be rolled out to their sites in San Antonio and Napa.

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