An enormous Hudson Valley tree will soon be the most famous Christmas tree in the world.

On Monday, Rockefeller Center announced that a tree located right here in our area was selected to be their 2018 Christmas Tree. this isn't the first time a Hudson Valley tree was chosen for the prestigious honor. Just three years ago another local family was picked to supply the famous tree. In 2015 Al Asendorf and Nancy Puchalski from Gardiner became household names after their Norway Spruce was chopped down and hauled down to 30 Rock.

This year's tree will come from the Newburgh area. Although the address wasn't provided, an image of the tree released by Rockefeller Center shows seems to indicate that it's a home located on Route 32 in Wallkill. This aerial view demonstrates just how massive the tree is.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The owners of the tree and its location will be revealed next week. The public will then be invited to watch crews remove the spruce and haul it away on Thursday, November 8. The chopping down of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree is almost as big of a ceremony as the actual tree lighting itself. This is what the scene looked like in 2015 when Asendorf's tree was taken down in Gardiner.

Two days after the cutting of the tree, the spruce will arrive in Rockefeller Center where it will be fitted with 50,000 multi-colored, energy efficient LED lights and topped with a brand new Swarovski star designed by architect Daniel Libeskind.

The homeowners will be invited as guests of honor to view the tree lighting, which will be broadcast live on NBC on Wednesday, November 28.