The new year can bring change, and a few of you may be looking for new career opportunities. If you're looking to hit the road and experience the country, a well-known cold cut company is looking for drivers to step behind the wheel. This could be your chance to be a brand ambassador, plus you get to talk to lots of people abut wieners.

Wiener Ride 

Thrillist is reporting that Oscar Mayer is once again putting the word that Oscar Mayer is looking for Wienermobile drivers to pilot their giant 27-foot hot dogs on wheels. Thrillist describes the position as a year long full-time job, where drivers will see an average of around 20,000 miles, as they hit up 20 states. The job will require you to post social media content about the company's wieners, while "maintaining the fleet of six Wienermobiles,"

And if that's not enough wieners for you, you'll be handing out stuff with the company logo and brand, such as something referred to as Wiener Whistles.

Thrillist says that 12 people will be picked, and you have until January 31 to apply. you'll also have to be a recent college graduate with a bachelor's degree "preferably in public relations, journalism, communications, or marketing.", according to the description.

Oscar Mayer Promotions 

Oscar Mayer has done promotions like this in the past with their iconic vehicles, such as even allowing couples to have one of the Wienermobiles at their proposal. You may have seen one of the Wienermobiles on TV, or even back when it's been spotted here in the Hudson Valley a few times.


In the past, Oscar Mayer has given people the chance to drive the giant wieners in a promotional capacity across the country. It gives those ambitious types the experience to stop by from one town to the next, and do interviews, appear on radio and television, and serve at charity functions. They even offered most expenses paid and benefits.

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