A Hudson Valley man is accused of choking his Tinder date until she passed out.

Socrates Alicea from Kingston has applied for pre-trial probation in an effort to avoid jail time for allegedly attacking a woman he met for sex at a hotel. According to prosecutors, Alicea connected with the woman on Tinder and arranged to meet her at a Connecticut hotel.

According to The Day, the woman told police that sometime during the encounter she passed out and when she awoke, Alicea had left. The Kingston man was found after investigators realized he had left his cell phone in the hotel room.

Alicea denies that he choked the woman. Instead, he claims that he met her at the hotel for a massage, but refused to pay for it after the couple started having sex. The Tinder user says he left the room after the woman began screaming and yelling at him.

Prosecutors say they don't believe Alicea, and will not consider probation because of the severity of his crimes. The Kingston man was hoping to get criminal charges erased and, instead, serve probation.

Attorney Mark Sherman, who is representing Alicea, maintains that probation makes the most sense since he believes there are holes in the prosecution's case.

The facts do not match the allegations here, and this dismissal track is the fairest and quickest method to keep Mr. Alicia’s otherwise unblemished record free and clear from these false charges

Alicea is due back in court at the end of the month. According to his lawyer, he will be pleading not guilty.

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