You no longer need to make sure you have cash in your wallet to live in the Hudson Valley, and that's a good thing.

Just a couple of years ago I remember making weekly visits to the ATM. I'd take out a couple of hundred bucks, stuff it in my wallet and spend it on necessary items every day. But just this week I opened my wallet and realized something shocking; the same twenty-dollar bills were sitting there from over six months ago.

Without even realizing it I had gone completely cashless. I started to think about the last time I actually used currency to purchase something and simply couldn't. I used to spend a few bucks on coffee at Dunkin', but now that they have an app I just scan and go. A year ago I'd always have cash lying around the house for ordering food, but since the pandemic struck, every restaurant I get delivery from takes payment and tips either over the phone or Internet when I place the order.

Trips to Target or the grocery store end with me simply holding my phone over the register and paying electronically. I check myself out with my credit card at the Home Depot, buy gas right at the pump, drive right through toll booths and even purchase Girl Scout Cookies using an app.

When it comes to sharing expenses with friends, getting in that NCAA pool or tossing a few bucks to a coworker for a birthday collection, everyone I know has pretty much just switched over to Venmo, Paypal or Apple Cash. No one, it seems, wants to be bothered with cash.

It's one of those things that completely crept up on me, but now that it's happened It's going to be impossible to turn back. While I'll always make sure to have cash on me in case of emergency, I think my days of paying with money are over. And I honestly don't miss it one bit.

10 Items You Should Never Keep in a Safe Deposit Box

Demand for safe deposit boxes is on the rise as more and more banks across the Hudson Valley are discontinuing the service. Space and staff needed to maintain the boxes aren't cost-effective for banks, which have been reducing their size and opting for online services instead. If you're lucky enough to find a safe deposit box to rent, you'll probably want to fill it up with all of your important paperwork and valuables. However, there are several items you should NEVER put in a safe deposit box for good reason.