You know how sometimes you see a picture or a series of pictures that are so powerful that you actually gasp out loud? That’s exactly what happened to me yesterday when I went on Facebook and saw the photos that I’m about to share with you.

The pictures were taken by Joseph Licari and posted on the Hudson Valley Facebook page. I contacted Joseph and asked if it would be okay to share the photos with our listeners. Joseph generously agreed and also offered some info for us. The photos were taken near Bear Mountain. Joseph has been watching this eagle couple for the last two years. He told me that they’ve had 2 babies each year. He also shared that the original tree where they made their home fell down during a storm, but they’ve already found a new tree and have started building again. I love a story with a happy ending.

Hudson Valley Eagles or Lovebirds? Amazing Photos Tell the Story

Beautiful Pictures of Hudson Valley Eagles in Love

Wow. These are some incredible shots, and miracles of nature happen all around us everyday in the Hudson Valley. Big thanks to Joseph Licari for capturing the moment and sharing it with us.

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Photos Capture Two Eagles Tangling in Mid-Air in the Hudson Valley

Stunning Hudson Valley photos of the female of a pair local nesting eagles protecting her territory from a single intruder eagle.

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