If you're thinking of getting a flu shot this month, you may be going against doctor's orders.

All over the Hudson Valley pharmacies have begun offering this year's flu shot. For years doctors have been working hard to debunk false rumors and misinformation about the shot and educate the public about the benefits of getting the flu vaccine So it may come as a shock that some local doctors are telling their patients to put off getting the shot for now.

While it is true that the flu shot is a harmless and effective way to prevent complications and even death from influenza, it does have its limitations. One of those is the length of its effectiveness. According to Dr. Shantala Sonnad of Health Quest Medical Practice, the CDC recommends waiting until October to get your shot.

Protection from the flu shot can last from four to six months, and often the flu season can be a bit longer than that. We rarely see any flu activity in the beginning of September, and the CDC recommends getting the flu shot for all individuals by the end of October.

Of course, it's better to have the shot now than not get it at all, so if you will be traveling or this month will be your only chance to get the shot this season, you should do it.  However, if you can wait until next month, it's probably best to put off getting immunized until then. That way you can make the most of your immunization throughout the worst of the flu season.

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