Syfy's hit show 'Ghost Hunters' rolled through the Hudson Valley and stopped by the Culinary Institute of America for an investigation. 

The presence of Father Murphy is somewhat of a culinary tradition among CIA faculty, staff, and students. The CIA, formerly a Jesuit seminary named St. Andrews. The land’s cemetery is the final resting place of many of the Jesuit priests, and one of the rooms under the former seminary chapel was a mausoleum, according to Visit Vortex.

Father Murphy is blamed for many enigmatic happenings that occur at the CIA. These included footsteps in the attic , and turning lights on and off.

The CIA will be appearing on Syfy's Ghost Hunters, which will kick off their 10th season Aug.26. The CIA will appear on episode 2, entitled "Too Many Apparitions in the Kitchen" airing on Sept.2.