A small brewery right here in the Hudson Valley has gained national acclaim, although many locals have probably never even heard of it before.

The Suarez Family Brewery has been named the tenth best new brewery in the world. Not just New York or the United States, but the entire world. With a planet full of renowned breweries and legendary beer locations (a whopping 6,500 new breweries have opened up this year), landing in the top 10 is no small feat.

This small, family owned brewery in Columbia County just started brewing beers last summer and already has beer enthusiasts driving for hours just to sample some of their unique offerings.

According to Draft Magazine, Brewer Dan Suarez has an impressive beer pedigree. His resume includes Brooklyn’s Greenpoint Beer Works, Sixpoint and Hill Farmstead Brewery in Vermont where he learned from Shaun Hill, who was recently named one of the best brewers in the world.

The beer menu at Suarez Family Brewery consists of three categories. At any time you can find a mix of farmhouse beers, low-alcohol and aromatic beers that Dan calls "Crispy Littles" and their most acclaimed style; unfiltered pilsners.

The Suarez Family's Palatine Pils just won gold from Ratebeer.com as one of the very best pilsners in the world. This beer, and the Suarez Family Brewery's commitment to quality are probably the reason they also happened to land on the list of 10 best new breweries in the world.

You can visit the Suarez Family Brewery on Route 9 in Livingston in Columbia County just south of Hudson. Their website still isn't quite online, but the brewery's official Facebook page is usually updated with business hours and tap offerings.