A 911 operator in the lower Hudson Valley is being credited for helping deliver a baby over the phone.

According to the Town of Ramapo Police Department in Suffern, NY (Rockland County), Dispatcher Barba with Ramapo 911 received a call from a woman in active labor this past Friday, Feb. 4, and gave pre-arrival instructions to the caller (husband of the pregnant female). The baby was born while Dispatcher Barba was giving instructions over the phone and he remained on the line until EMS and police units arrived.

Dispatcher Barbra's Successful Delivery

Mom and baby boy were transported to a local hospital and both are said to be healthy. This was Dispatcher Barba's first time delivering a baby over the phone.

Such a great story and Dispatcher Barba should be commended on the fine work of keeping the couple comfortable and as calm as possible on the phone during which had to obviously be a very stressful time, especially staying with them through the delivery. Wishing Mom, dad, and baby much health and happiness. Couldn't imagine the stress that 911 operators go through on a daily basis. Getting so many important phone calls to handle, it takes a special kind of person to do a job like that for sure. And also dealing with so many nonsense calls regularly that flood the 911 lines.

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