The site of the former Hudson River Psychiatric Center at 10 Ross Circle in Poughkeepsie is on fire.

We have exclusive video of the fire that reports are saying started a few hours ago at the old Hudson River Psychiatric Center off of route 9 in between Poughkeepsie and Hyde Park. According to the Fairview Fire Departments Facebook page, the fire is the main administration building.

The video is courtesy of Arrow Promotions and DronePix:

This isn't the first fire at the Hudson River Psychiatric Center location as back in 2017 there was a fire that caused a ton of damage to the facility.

Back last year, we took you inside the psychiatric hospital to show what it looks like now. The center was closed down back in 2003 and since then there have been many reports of different plans for the site.

This is one of the most popular abandoned sites in the Hudson Valley.

Check back here for updates on the fire and the state of the Hudson River Psychiatric Center in Poughkeepsie.

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