You know it truly never ceases to amaze me the types of stories that you can see in the news on a daily basis. That brings us to today where the City of Hudson Police Department made the announcement that they had made an arrest following an investigation to a July shooting incident. This incident was far and away much different than other shootings.

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Details On July Shooting and Hudson Police Response

Back on July 20th, City of Hudson Police responded to a call regarding a man who had apparently shot himself. The man in question had apparently shot himself in his own leg and afterward attempted to drive off in a car. The attempt to drive away did not last long though as the individual then crashed into a CoARC Van.

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The individual in this case did not just happen to crash into a CoARC van, reports state that the van was struck three times during the incident. For anyone wondering, CoARC stands for "Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care" so in essence they are a type of health care service.


When police arrived on the scene, they quickly attended to the injured man. Police applied a tourniquet to the mans injured leg and awaited medical personnel. The man was then airlifted from the scene and taken to Albany Medical Center.

Hudson Police Shooting Investigation

After police arrived on the scene and attended to the injured individual, the investigation into the entire incident began. The number one needing to be answered; where's the gun? Well police did eventually find the gun, reports state a detective on scene was able to recover the firearm from nearby sewer, a 9mm handgun. Guns or weapons of any kind don't just end up in a sewer, they have to be put there on purpose.


This brings us to the now as Hudson Police announced the arrest of the individual at the center of this event. The individual was identified as 31-year-old Stephen Pabon. Pabon was officially charged with...

multiple criminal possession of a weapon charges and unlawful possession of certain ammunition feeding device


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New York State Police would state that Pabon had turned himself over to police in Latham for unrelated charges to this event. Pabon would be arraigned for the unrelated charges by the Latham Police and afterward he was turned over to Hudson Police. Once in custody of Hudson Police, Pabon was arraigned on the gun charges and then remanded to Columbia County Jail without bail. Pabon is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow August 10, 2023.

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