The weekend proved to be a dangerous time for drivers here in the Hudson Valley, particularly drivers on I-84. The weekend began early this past Friday when a New York State Trooper vehicle was demolished by a pickup truck, while in the process of helping a disabled motorist. While the damage to the vehicles was severe, no people were seriously harmed in the event. You can read our coverage of that incident here.

Another accident happened less than 48 hours later during the early morning hours of this past Sunday. Unlike the accident which had happened before, this accident has resulted in one individual losing their life.

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Details Behind Fatal Weekend Accident on I-84

According to the press release from the New York State Police, Troopers from the Greenville barracks responded to a single-car accident on the Westbound side of I-84 at approximately 2:36 am. When Troopers responded, they discovered a damaged 2006 Acura RSX.


Troopers immediately began investigating the scene and whether or not anyone needed medical attention. While there was no one inside the vehicle, the Troopers did find the driver, who had been ejected from the vehicle.


Driver Identified in Accident

Troopers immediately began performing and rendering life-saving medical aid while waiting for medical personnel to arrive on the scene. Soon after, Port Jervis EMS arrived on the scene, however, they quickly determined that the driver had passed, succumbing to the injuries he had sustained in the accident.

An ambulance responds to the scene of an emergency.

The incident is currently still under investigation, though the press release concluded with revealing the identity of the driver in the accident. The driver was identified as 34-year-old Christopher Martini of Matamoras, Pennsylvania.

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