You may have noticed an insane amount of mosquitoes in our area this month. Is it possible the end is finally in sight?

As we reported over the summer, the wet weather has caused a mosquito population explosion in the Hudson Valley, with three times the normal amount of mosquitoes reported in our area.

The crazy amount of rain we've seen over the past few months has made our region a literal breeding ground for those biting insects. Heavy rainfall, even for short periods of time, create puddles of standing water, which mosquitoes use to lay their eggs. Because it the sun hasn't had time to completely dry those puddles before the next rainfall, mosquito larvae have been able to survive and grow at a record pace.

This week the mosquitoes were biting just as hard as ever. with some outdoor activities completely ruined by swarms of the insects attacking children and adults. But with cooler weather headed our way, does that mean that there's finally an end to the mosquito onslaught?

Mario Tama/Getty Images
Mario Tama/Getty Images

According to scientists, mosquitoes stop biting and begin to go into hibernation when temperatures dip below 50 degrees. This weekend much of the Hudson Valley is expected to see temperatures only reach the mid 50s during the day, with much cooler temperatures at night. This cooling trend could signal the beginning of the end for this year's mosquito invasion.

It's still a good idea to continue to drain standing water and other places where mosquitoes can breed, as the insects will still be out and about for a few more weeks.