Some are calling it "just another day in New York". Some scary video had surfaced showing a man going on a rampage at a McDonald's restaurant. The New York Post says the man pulled an axe out of his backpack, and proceeded to smash glass and tables at the location during an altercation early Friday morning.

One witness told the Post that the suspect was drunk at the time of incident.

Witnesses said the 31-year-old suspect approached a woman at the Manhattan McDonald's and began talking her. When the woman rejected the man's advances, the man can be seen becoming loud and hostile. The altercation became physical, as three other men tried to intervene to hold back the suspect, who was becoming increasingly angry. When the three men began punching the suspect near the trash, he responds by slowly pulling the small axe out of his backpack.

This is when the man begins destroying the property, as he can be seen smashing glass and breaking tables at the McDonald's. One employee told the Post that there was 'a lot" or damage to the establishment, but that the higher ups at the company can deal with it, because this was "above his paygrade"

Bro, there was a glass here and a glass there. He smashed both of them. He broke the table in half with the ax.

The Post says the suspect then got on his bike and left the scene. Police picked him up shortly after. The Post says the suspect was proud of the hits the video of his rampage was getting on social media. The Bronx man is now facing a number of charges.

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