This is something that has always been on my mind, and I feel like I shouldn't even have to think about it. But seriously, is there a certain number of drinks that I need to order while at the drive-thru to get a drink carrier.

Most times that I hit the drive-thru is either while out and about with the family or when I get a text asking me to pick up food on my way home. I've been through this same old song and dance more than Aerosmith, and I've noticed some things along the way.

For starters, straws are obviously the most treasured item at a fast-food restaurant over the course of time. However, I feel they are also fond of those weird cardboard molds that hold our drinks ever so gently. I'll paint the picture, it's me at the drive-thru by myself order food for four people. This has happened, no exaggeration, I paid, and got to the glorious second window where they provide the fries for me to eat on my way home, it's called the "Dad-Tax", it's real, look it up.

At the second window, I await the delicious food that is continuously making me chubbier by the day, and the window opens and you proceed to hand me four individual drinks, like Hello, I only have two cup holders in this Civic. Maybe it's me, but if I see a dude by himself order enough food for four people, including four drinks, I'm going to go ahead and give that guy a drink carrier and I might even double it up because I know the struggle.

So, what's the rule? How many drinks do I need to order that will allow you to part with your beloved recycled material drink carriers? Obviously, one person ordering 4 drinks doesn't constitute some assistance, so what does?

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