It's easy to say that you could live without social media, but could you actually do it? If so, how long could you give it up for?

I think I've reached a point where I'm just kinda over all these social media sites. It used to be fun and enjoyable to see what people were up to, or what funny memes are being posted. Now I feel social media is just a dark place, where you're not allowed to have an opinion, and no matter what you say, there's likely someone who will take it the wrong way, and then you'll face backlash.

Everybody on social media seems so angry and negative lately, and I see the same crap on my newsfeed every day. What used to be a platform for connecting with people and keeping in touch with family and friends, and sharing funny things has turned into a non-stop political feed where you're wrong no matter which side you fall on.

Most times recently, when I'm on my phone I'm avoiding social sites, except for when the Bernie Sanders memes were on fire, I had to get in on that. Either way, I find myself choosing to do other things on my phone during my downtime, like playing games or adding things to a shopping cart that I'll never be able to afford. I find that more satisfying than seeing the same old nonsense on my newsfeed.

All this got me thinking though. Could I actually go a prolonged period of time without going onto social media? Granted it is part of my job, but aside from that, could I avoid going on my personal pages for a while? I think I could pull it off, and honestly, I feel I would feel so much better in doing so.

Could you do it? Give up social media and go dark? Do you think you would be more productive without that distraction? Leave your comments below.

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