Three people were taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries after a house exploded Saturday. Police are investigating the matter, as ABC says the blast caused damage to surrounding homes and could be heard for miles.

House explosions can happen for a number of reasons. One of the most common ways houses can blow up is by leaks from gas-powered kitchen appliances used for heating, says Carabin Shaw.

House Explodes in Sullivan County. 

ABC7 is reporting that a home in Thompson, NY exploded Saturday around noon. ABC says that three people in the home were seriously injured from the blast, including a child. Officials say the three residents are being treated for their injuries, though they're all expected to survive.

Police say the explosion is under investigation, though they told ABC that they suspect it may have come from the propane tank.

Update: The New York State Police said in a press release that the cause was the propane tank. They also list the three inhabitants (1 adult, 2 children) of the home in critical condition. They are being treated at Westchester Medical Center, according to State Police.

Homes suddenly exploding can happen more than you may think, Officials continue to investigate a house explosion that happened in Plum, Pennsylvania in August  The Associated Press says the explosion destroyed three homes and left six people dead.

The Allegheny County Fire Marshal's Office said all outside factors have been eliminated as to what may caused the blast. The AP says that homeowners had said they were having issues with a hot water tank.

What Was So Unusual Inside New York State House Before it Exploded? 

A home in upstate New York exploded in early September after a car collided with it.

WKTV says that a stolen car, driven by a teenager, collided with a house in the City of Oneida early in the morning. The crash served a natural gas line causing the house to explode around three hours later, say officials.

Police say the house, as well as six neighboring homes, sustained "substantial damage".

But while no one was seriously hurt from the blast, what the NY State DEC found inside the house that was hit surprised them.

New York State DEC officers said they found a six-point, white-tailed deer being kept inside a dog crate inside the home. The DEC says that the "homeowner was illegally rehabilitating the animal and had refused to release it, choosing instead to keep it as a pet." WKTV says that the DEC helped remove the deer from the house.

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