You may have heard that a reboot of 1984's Terminator is being planned for a 2015 release. Not only will this reboot launch another trilogy of Terminator movies, but another TV series is being planned to launch right around the same time. The television show is expected to pick up where the new movie starts, and then lead the franchise in a totally different direction (much like Marvel's Agents of SHEILD did with The Avengers). Some might remember 2008's other Terminator television spin off, The Sarah Connor Chronicles. That series only lasted two seasons.  Confused?

Of course, you probably heard that we can expect a guest appearance by the original Terminator movie's star, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now how does the sixty something year old Arnold plan on playing a part in the new film? Would it come across as believable?

This could breathe new life in to the franchise, or maybe it's yet another example of Hollywood taking a great idea and running right in to the ground. Oh well, it will probably be better than Terminator 3 at least.