One of the most expensive single-family homes for sale in the United States is right here in New York.

The 48-acre compound, which was once owned by Henry Ford II, has just been listed for sale in the Hamptons. The 20,000 square foot mansion at 90 Jule Pond in Southampton is now under contract with Bespoke Real Estate with an asking price of $145 million. According to the New York Post the house was bought in 2002 for $22 million and then renovated in 2008.

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I just watched Ford vs Ferrari last weekend and Henry Ford II was portrayed by actor Tracy Letts. I could totally see him living in the huge, over-the-top imposing vacation home.

The house and property are absolutely amazing...and it should be for $145 Million.

Southampton New York Estate For Sale For $145 Million Was Once Owned By Henry Ford II