Ever see a bear try to assemble its own furniture? Bears are especially active this time of year, so seeing one out in the wild isn't really that unusual. After all, this is the middle of bear country. But this particular bear may have wanted to snack on those famous Swedish meatballs you hear so much about  So, what's going on here? What would a bear have to do with meatballs or furniture and houseware for your kitchen?

NBC NY is reporting that a black bear was sighted in Paramus Wednesday morning near Ikea Drive. Police warned the public over Twitter not to approach the animal, though stressed that this bear was non-aggressive. There aren't many other details available at the time, but we know that the bears are getting out all over the place. This bear was seen crossing Route 211 in Middletown in late May, apparently searching for a snack and some beer?  

Just last year, a police department in New Jersey had to remind everyone not to take selfies with bears. Yes. NJ.com says that the department also gave advice through their Facebook post not to approach or feed the bears, for they can become bold and aggressive once they've found a source for food.. Sounds like common sense, but we live in a world where not much sense exists sometimes.

Please do not, I repeat, DO NOT attempt to take selfies with the bear," the department wrote on Facebook, along with other safety recommendations.


American black bears are commonly found among the forested areas of the northeast and within the Appalachian Mountains. They can vary in size by region, though both male and female black bears found in New York state average around 298 LBs., according to Wikipedia. 

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