The nice weather appears to be here, and with that comes the return of certain creatures, and sometimes those creatures make loud noises. Have you heard any loud noises outside your home?

I love that we've reached the point of the year where we can open the windows of the house, and let that fresh air blow through the house. It's a great feeling each year when you pop those windows open for the first time, but you also have to remember that sometimes outside gets a little too loud.

Since the weather has been pretty nice this week, we've had the windows open and honestly, the breeze coming into the house has been quite delightful. However, tonight while unwinding there was a loud familiar noise outside that I had almost forgot until it started to annoy me again.

Ah, the frogs are awake and they're letting everybody know about it. I've always lived in an area where I was surrounded by orchards and ponds, so hearing frogs at night is pretty normal. but man are they loud as heck this year. They made me close the windows tonight, and I feel like one particular one knew he was the most obnoxious of the bunch and was being spiteful, but that's just my crazy opinion.

Have any creatures returned to your yard that you forgot annoyed you? There has to one animal or insect that just drives you absolutely crazy, we all have one. Perhaps you save my annoyance caused by the frogs? Leave your thoughts below

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