We all download games on our phones, and it always fun until they try to get you to pay to continue to play. Have you ever paid or uploaded funds to a game on your phone?

I've paid for many games if I'm being honest. Over the years I've spent some of my hard-earned money on random games just to continue the gameplay or for gambling purposes. I've gotten much better over the years and I'm pretty selective about what games I choose to spend money on. Recently, I starting playing a game I've had on my phone for a while now, and I was doing pretty good. It's a bowling game, and I was winning on their "practice mode" and they gave me a two-dollar reward.

Now I could play the money games, which were fun, and I turned the two dollars into fifteen dollars and then lost it all. Now I deposited an extra two dollars, and I have that up to almost another fifteen. But that's the idea, right? Let me win a bunch, and then all of a sudden, I lose every game and I'm out of funds. I get it, yet I still go along with it. Seems silly, but I can't get enough lately.

At the end of the day, it's a couple of dollars, so it really isn't a big deal, but it just seems like I go through this from time to time, and I can't be the only one. What games have you paid for on your phone?

There has to be one game that has sucked you into their vortex.

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