It’s nice to see that things are starting to get back to normal here in the Hudson Valley. Last summer we had so many questions and fears that we were afraid to let our kids out of our sight. And even though things are looking up, coronavirus is still a thing to be aware of, and we need to know that are children are safe, happy, and hopefully learning something new and exciting every day.

Hudson Highlands Nature Museum in Cornwall is helping us reach that goal with their Science and Nature Summer Camp 2021. The museum is putting the safety of the campers and their staff first by following all of the guidelines from New York State, the CDC, the Orange County Department of Health and the American Camping Association.

The museum will be limiting the size of the groups, groups will not be sharing indoor space, indoor space time will be very limited, supplies and toys will not be shared among campers. There will also be health screenings, social distancing, and face coverings required. Those are only a few of the safety measures being put in place this sumer at the museum.

Let's face it, it’s a comforting feeling to know that your child is safe, especially if they’re safe and in an environment where they are learning about local nature and science and mingling safely with other children. For more information about this year’s Science and Nature Summer Camp at Hudson Highlands Nature Museum in Cornwall, including their safety protocol, check out their website

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