We were always taught to clean our plates when we were young. Still though, a lot of us can be picky eaters. It's only human. There's always that one food, that no matter how many times you give it a try, you just can't stomach it. Maybe it's taste? Maybe it's just the weird texture? What foods do you hate the most?

Some folks don't like vegetables very much. Could it broccoli? Or, maybe turnips? Kale is often pushed as the healthy alternative, but many can't take the taste.  Onions are a big one. Some can't live without them, but others say the flavor and the smell can ruin a dish. Every had to scrape raw onions off a sandwich? That strong taste isn't going anywhere..

Does anyone else think meatloaf is nasty? Maybe you just haven't had the best recipe, but just the sight of it can make one wince. It resembles a big mushy looking brick thrown on a dinner plate. Did you ever know that kid who's mother packed liverwurst in their lunch every other day in school? Yuck.

Then, you have the poor folks who suffer from food allergies. It could be peanuts. It could be shellfish. It could many things. No matter what, they're not going near that particular food, unless you want to make a trip to the emergency room.

Tell us, what your least favorite food of all time is. People have very strong opinions about their food. You got folks who either love crumbly blue cheese or hate it. Does something about the texture of avocados freak you out? Tell us! We want to know.

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