In the course of history, mankind has always followed certain sets of laws. Whether they were laws that were followed instinctively or laws that were conjured up and created over time as humans evolved and advanced, laws have always been in place to differentiate between what we collectively consider to be right or wrong.

Most laws are pretty easy to follow, hell the vast majority of people who have ever lived have been able to successfully not break any laws or at the very least if laws were broken, they weren't laws that were considered severe or worthy of punishment. Other laws are undoubtedly worthy of punishment if one were to break them, things like murder or theft, operating a vehicle after you've had a few too many, etc, etc.

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Here's the thing with law though, aside from the obvious laws we people universally know not to break, we also have several laws on the books that are just plain and simply stupid. I'm talking mind-numbingly, painfully stupid; the type of stupid that if you heard some of these laws existed, you'd feel dumber for knowing about them.

This brings me to today, where I was reminded about some of the absolute dumbest, most stupid, and asinine laws that either currently exist or at one point in time did exist in the state of New York.

New York's Weirdest Laws

I will be completely fourth coming here, going through these laws again made me remember why I forgot about them in the first place. They are laws that are not worth remembering, how they ever benefited society in any way is beyond me. Anyway, consider that my warning if you choose to read any further but without any further ado it's time to board the train to Grand Central Stupid by taking a look at some of the most ridiculous laws in New York.

Ridiculous Laws in New York State

Believe it or not, these are some of the dumbest, stupidest, and most ridiculous rules in all of New York State.

Gallery Credit: Dan McGuire