Scary Halloween face
Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Halloween is almost here, and if you love visiting haunted attractions you are not going to want to miss Kevin McCurdy's Haunted Mansion on Sheafe Road in Poughkeepsie.  It has been a Halloween staple in the Hudson valley for forty years now, and it just gets better every year.

And the really cool thing is that you can win tickets to Kevin McCurdy's Haunted Mansion all this week on The Boris and Robyn Show.  Just make sure you are listening every morning this week at 7:45.  We are playing a game called name that movie scream. if you get it right, we will hook you up with a pair of tickets.  It is fun, and i promise it won't be too hard.  There are a lot of very famous screams.

So, if you are looking to visit one of the scariest Halloween attractions in the Hudson Valley, be listening for your chance to get to Kevin McCurdy's Haunted Mansion on us.  For more info on this exciting venue, check out their website at