If you took a look outside at some point today, you'll see that it's snowing.

Yup, we're getting winter weather in the Hudson Valley in January...who would have thunk it!?

Anyway, most schools were closed, and many businesses had their employees work from home. Unfortunately, there are some people who had to brave the weather and head to work.

While you're home today snuggled up with your favorite blanket and warm beverage, you'll probably daydream about being snowed in in a beautiful cabin in the woods with some of your favorite people. At least that's what I do when it snows like this.

So I decided to check out my options. Luckily we have access to AirBnB, and it's ridiculously easy to look up local cabins in the area.

Check out this beautiful "Rustic" cabin out in Tivoli. You and your guests can enjoy five bedrooms and 2.5 baths, which are breathtaking. I would go just for the shower and of course the views.


Reservations start at $250 a night.

Or what about this Tree House in the Woodstock area of Willow New York? Yes, you read that right...Tree House.


Imagine being wrapped up in this tree house, sitting on the couch with snow falling and that fire roaring with that view? #CabinGoals.

Get your friends to pitch in for a night or two in this amazing location. A stay here will run you $325 a night.

Where are you snowed in today?