The Man Show returns to the Mid-Hudson Civic Center this Sunday from 11am till 5pm and ADMISSION IS FREE! The Man Show is all about men (alright... it's perfect for ladies too) and includes everything from Motorcycles, BBQ, Wings, Pizza, Sports Memorabilia, Trucks, Power Equipment, Auto Repair, Golf, Live Music, and BEER! In the center of it all is the Bud Winter Carnival, where every game gets you Bud Bucks, and Bud Bucks GETS YOU PRIZES! We want to help you get started off right at the Man Show, so here is your chance to get an EXTRA $50 in Bud Bucks when you walk through the door. All you have to do is print out this page and bring it with you to the Civic Center, hand it to our crew at the front door and you will get an EXTRA $50 to start! We'll see you Sunday!

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