Police say a New York man was arrested after a fire set off fireworks he had been storing in his garage, causing an even bigger explosion. The fire and resulting blast caused damage to surrounding homes, reports NBC New York.  

Long Island.com says the Franklin Square man has been charged with Unlawful Storage of Explosives and Unlawful Possession of explosives without Licenses and Certificates.

As many know, New York has some strict fireworks laws compared to other states.

New York State Firework Laws 

Raphaelson Law says that it is illegal to buy or set off firecrackers, bottle rockets, Roman candles, spinners, and "any other type of firework that goes up in the air" unless you have a permit.

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Raphaelson Law also says that while many New York counties allow sparklers, such as Rockland, Putnam, and Orange (though they are prohibited in Newburgh and Middletown), Dutchess, Sullivan, and Ulster, some do not. Nassau County is one of those counties that does not allow them.

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Nassau Man Arrested After Garage Explodes 

Long Island.com reports that a 57-year-old Nassau County man was arrested after a fire in his garage ignited fireworks he had been storing. According to NBC, investigators say officers responded the afternoon of March 19 to the home, and say they saw the "entire garage engulfed in flames."

As the fire spread to other properties, the fireworks ignited, and the explosives also caused the fire to spread to even more surrounding homes, according to NBC. Police say that some of the igniting fireworks even landed on the suspect's couch in his living room, which set a fire inside his home.

Officials have not said how the first fire started, though the cause is under investigation.

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The New York State Department of Labor lists the requirements and regulations for pyrotechnics permits HERE.

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