A Hudson Valley man was arrested on Friday after smashing into several cars in an effort to evade police.

Friday the Thirteenth turned out to be extremely unlucky for a Hudson Valley man wanted by the law. Just after 1pm on January 13, police officers witnessed Walter Shuster III driving in the City of Poughkeepsie. The 45-year-old man had a felony arrest warrant issued by the Town of Ulster Police.

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City of Poughkeepsie police initiated a vehicle stop after seeing Shuster driving in the vicinity of Smith Street near the westbound arterial. According to authorities, the wanted man did not stop for police but instead attempted to flee law enforcement. Officers say Shuster hit "multiple vehicles" in an effort to escape police.

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After crashing into the other cars, Shuster's vehicle became disabled, allowing police to take the man into custody. Officers on the scene were also able to give aid to the drivers whose vehicles were hit during the chase. Mobile Life and local fire trucks were called to the scene, but luckily there were reportedly no serious injuries as a result of the chase.

Shuster was wanted by the Town of Ulster Police on a felony warrant for Burglary in the Third Degree. Now, the fugitive has also been charged with Unlawful Fleeing, Reckless Driving, Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Seventh degree and multiple vehicle and traffic infractions. Shuster has been now been handed back to the Town of Ulster Police.

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