A person who displayed toilet on their property with a sign that read "Place mail in ballots here." will not be charged. Bu while the display may seem fun and humorous, one politician was not laughing. Ingham County (MI) election clerk Barb Byrum actually wanted felony charges filed over the porcelain display. How could this be?

The AP is reporting that the local politician felt that taking illegal possession of the absentee ballots was, in fact, a felony. This did not go far, as county prosecutor Carol Siemon said the makeshift ballot commode was "an effort to make a humorous political statement” rather than any intention to violate the law."

The toilet went up in the front lawn of a home in Mason, Michigan Friday. The prank drew national attention, though the question of absentee ballots remains a hot issue, The White House has sent somewhat mixed messages on mail in votes, saying it could encourage fraud. The mail in vote process first came to attention amid COVID-19 concerns, and was suggested as a way for people to be able vote, yet stay away from large crowds.

And while the Byrum said she'll respect the final decision, “elections are never a laughing matter.” Byrum said when she drove by the house Tuesday, the toilet appeared to be gone.

There is no word if anyone left any ballots or other things in the toilet.

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