Imagine booking a cross-country flight only to have your trip diverted over something that was completely preventable? According to ABC, this was the case after a passenger on a flight out of JFK became unruly and allegedly assaulted a flight attendant. And it appears this is yet another case of a passenger who can't control their alcohol intake. Now, the suspect in question could be facing some serious charges.

ABC says the incident happened Wednesday on American Airlines, Flight 976 from JFK International Airport to Santa Ana, California. the airline says the suspect punched a flight attendant over his refusal to wear a mask. Other passengers say that alcohol was involved, and that the suspect had to be eventually duct taped to his seat. One passenger even told ABC that the suspect punched the attendant twice, and you could see blood outside of her mask.

The flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Denver.

Scenes like this have become all too familiar on the news. Back in May, a passenger allegedly assaulted a flight attendant on a flight bound for JFK. According to the court records, it all started because the passenger became upset after a flight attendant didn't pick up their garbage for them. About a week later, a 42-year-old Mechanicville man was arrested for his extremely erratic behavior on a JetBlue cross-country flight  NBC NY says it all started as the suspect made multiple trips to the bathroom, while antagonizing passengers, and then touching a female passenger. One crew member said the suspect was even seen "snorting a white substance". Think we all know what they mean by that.

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