It is officially Hudson Valley Flea market season. The weather has been a bit slow to cooperate but that hasn't stopped the hundreds of thousands of us who were waiting for the first day of spring and flea market season. It is almost as intense as the way a kid waits for Santa Claus.

So how do you decide which flea market to go to? Easy! Which one has the stuff you want? Some flea markets concentrate on antiques while others have vendors with more of the newer items. And then to make it even more, interesting some have both.

Hudson Valley, NY Flea Market

Take Stormville Flea Market for instance. They have a great mix of everything. They were actually the first official flea market I ever went to. Beacon has a flea market known as Beacon Flea and Stone Ridge, and Woodstock, NY does as well. What makes a good flea market is when there is a good turnout of vendors.

Recently, I found a post for an upcoming flea market at the Asokan Center. The sale is this weekend and promises to be full of unusual vendors that you may not find in Beacon or Stormville or even Elephant Trunk.

Flea markets in the Ulster County, NY

This Sunday (May 15, 2022) the Ashokan Center will be holding a flea market. The plan is to be at the top of Hoot Hill in their parking lot and they are inviting everyone to be a part of the fun. They are encouraging everyone to bring their unwanted items in the hopes someone will want to buy them as treasure.

There is a $35 fee to be a vendor. You can find out more on the Ashokan Center Facebook Page.

The Elephant's Trunk Flea Market held is every Sunday take a peek

The Legendary 'Elephant's Trunk Flea Market' 2022