Robyn's cat Noodles is running wild at landmarks all over the Hudson Valley.

Each day we'll be posting where Noodles is hiding in WPDH's Instagram Story. Not following us on Instagram yet? Find us at the handle 1015wpdh.

Haven't heard of Instagram's Story feature before? Instagram Stories are vertical videos and images that are visible for 24 hours before they vanish into the Internet ether forever. You can find an Instagram Story by visiting an Instagram profile on your Instagram app on your phone or on a desktop browser. If you see an animated circle loop around the profile image, that means an Instagram Story has been posted in the past day. Click on the profile image to get the Instagram Story to display.

We'll send contest alerts through WPDH's app when a new location is posted in our Instagram Story. Enter the location Noodles is hiding each day in the contest entry form and you could win 25 Fat Cat lottery tickets. The maximum prize for New York State Lottery's Fat Cat tickets is a whopping $25,000.

Noodles will be at a different location each weekday from Monday, April 2 to Friday, April 13.

And don’t forget to enter the Pawsome Sweepstakes at for another chance to win $500 or more tickets! Must be 18 years or older to purchase scratch-off games and to participate in this promotion. Please play responsibly.