If you want to spend three days in jail, get paid for it and even get to go home every night, producers are looking for you.

A major motion picture will be filming right here in the Hudson Valley next month. The movie needs 50 local women of all races aged 18 and older to serve as prisoners. The Hudson Valley Film Commission tells us the top-secret project is a "good one" and while no experience is necessary, everyone who participates will get paid for their work.

Because the project is secret we're not allowed to disclose much more, but anyone who has already appeared as a prisoner on the Netflix series "Orange is the New Black" will not be considered for the part.

If you're interested, just send an email with your photo and a resume to hvfilmcast@gmail.com. Again, previous experience is not required for the role, so if you or someone you know looks like a prisoner and wants to be in a movie it's probably worth a shot.

This unnamed production is just one of many films that are currently being worked on in our area. Martin Scorsese was the executive producer of a film that just wrapped up shooting in the Hudson Valley last month. Another film starring John Leguizamo and Steve Buscemi was also recently shot right here in our area. And just last week Olivia Wilde posted on Instagram that she has been staying in Beacon while filming an upcoming drama titled "A Vigilante."

Because of legislation recently passed by Albany, film and television production now receive the same tax credits for filming in the Hudson Valley as they do in New York City. This has made it much more attractive for filmmakers to bring their projects here, putting local actors and crew members in high demand. The Hudson Valley Film Commission says they are currently working on 30 local films.