Even though it's still August, the folks at the Old Farmer's Almanac are already looking ahead towards winter.

The 2017-18 forecast was just released, and the Almanac is calling for colder temperatures than last year, with above average snowfall. They even pinpoint some dates where we could see significant snowfall:

...stay home Jan. 20 to 23, Feb. 4 to 7 and 16 to 19, and March 1 to 3 and 20 to 23.

Of course, you can never really tell this far off. Last winter was considered mild for the most part. That is, until the month of March. As we should have been getting ready for spring, the Hudson Valley and Northeast got slammed with one of the worst winter storms in recent memory. It wasn't a pretty picture.

But not everyone hates the snow. A lot of companies running ski, snowboard, and snowmobile shops will be certainly happy to see business return.

Another thing to consider is that the Old Farmer's Almanac is only one source of information. While they claim eighty percent accuracy, other sources like NOAA are calling for the Northeast to see above average temperatures this coming winter.

Only time will tell. In the mean time, get out and enjoy the summer while it lasts!