Winter Storm Stella continues to slam the Eastern United States. This easily will go down as one of the strongest winter storms in at least three years, if not more.

This storm hasn't just caught the attention of those of us in the Northeast. You know it's bad when the national weather people are in your town to cover the storm.

Here you can follow AccuWeather's Reed Timmer as he navigates through the streets of Newburgh as the snow and wind continue to howl. Timmer is best known for his time appearing on the show Storm Chasers on the Discovery Channel. You can usually find him across the American Midwest and South during the spring and summer chasing tornadoes.

So if someone like him is in town, then you know the storm is serious.

You can see a lot of cars getting stuck throughout the streets of Newburgh. Some people can even be seen venturing out into the storm.

Check it out!

NOTE: The volume on his GPS is a bit loud.