A possible human trafficking attempt in our area has parents on alert after the warning was posted on Facebook.

The story of a possible abduction attempt was posted to an online group where mothers usually go to share parenting tips and ideas. The Dutchess County Moms Group is a private Facebook group for local parents in the Hudson Valley. Among questions about where to host a 5-year-old's birthday party and reviews of a local restaurant was the scary story of two young women who say they were approached at a local business.

The post says a man struck up a conversation with the young women and then attempted to lure them into his car. Luckily, the girls were smart enough to turn down his offer, but the post warns others that the man may possibly try it again.

Here is the message about the alleged incident that was posted to the group by a user whose name has been redacted by the individual's request:

Today my sister (20 years old) and her friend (girl) were at Bagel World in Wappingers on Route 9. A man (50's) approached them and made small talk. After a few minutes he said to them, "oh today would be a great day for a pedicure, I would love to treat you ladies, I have plenty of room in my car." Thankfully I've talked to my sister about sex trafficking and she knew something wasn't right. After declining his offer he kept on insisting. He left at the same time as them and left the parking lot when they did. Please, please, please talk to your kids (any age, any sex). Sex traffickers look for vulnerable, gullible, persuadable people. Even if it's just making them aware that it happens right here in Dutchess County.

While we were unable to confirm the story, we thought it was important enough to share. Please let others know about the incident so they remember to always be on alert for similar incidents.

If you see any suspicious activity you should call local police. Even if the suspect has left the area, it's important that they have information whenever someone feels that they have been targeted.

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