Trying to have Halloween during a pandemic is hard enough, so many Hudson Valley residents are crossing their fingers for good weather.

While many parents are working ahead to make sure their children stay safe while trick-or-treating this year, the one thing that they can't control is the weather. During any other year, festivities and fun could always be moved indoors, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, families are relying on good weather to allow their children to celebrate while properly social distancing.

Many neighborhood residents will be leaving candy outside their doors for children this Halloween, while kids are being prepped on the importance of hand sanitizer and handwashing after reaching into those candy bowls. Luckily, Halloween is a holiday that can easily be done safely, that is if the weather will cooperate.

Luckily, it looks as though October 31 will be a good night for walking around the neighborhood. The Weather Channel has just released their extended outlook, and are predicting partly cloudy skies with only a 20% chance of precipitation. Temperatures will be on the chilly side, with lows getting down to just around the freezing mark by late in the evening. But with many local municipalities putting curfews in effect, most kids will need to be home before it gets really cold anyway.

Of course, forecasts can change quite a bit this far out, so it's a good idea not to make any plans until a few days out when we'll have a better idea of what Halloween night will look like. But, for now, it seems like good news for trick-or-treaters in the Hudson Valley.

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