You'd think someone of this age would have grown out of this by now? When you think of someone who's 80 years old, you might imagine a person who's hopefully happily retired, as they work on projects around the house or spending time with their grandkids. Maybe a fun game of Bingo? Well, maybe not this particular guy. An elderly man from the state could be facing a number of charges after officials say he recently attempted to destroy police property.

Police in Amsterdam, NY say an 80-year-old man attempted to puncture the tires on five of their vehicles. Officials claim the man tried to hatch this elaborate plot by throwing nails behind the back tires of the five vehicles at the public safety building. WNYT says that the suspect was identified by security camera footage. Police say when the suspect was later stopped, there were items in his vehicle that connected him to the crime.

There is no word why the 80-year-old suspect targeted the police to begin with. One has to wonder what was exactly going through his mind when he was allegedly spreading the nails behind the police cruisers? WNYT says the suspect has also been accused of driving with a suspended license.

In another story from the same area, the Saratoga County Sheriffs Office says a Ballston Spa, NY man broke into a McDonald's in the early morning hours in mid September. Not too many details are available as of now, but police were able to find the stolen property at the suspect's apartment. Police didn't specify a motive for the alleged break-in, though we can assume he wanted a late night snack and the place just wasn't open at that point. there was also no specification exactly what food or ingredients the man allegedly stole.

Police say the man broke into the fast food restaurant early Monday morning and made off with food and other stolen property. We may actually have a real life Hamburglar that we're dealing with here. Anyone call Officer Big Mac?

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