Our thoughts are with them during this difficult time.

It's always incredibly difficult when a police department has to announce any kind of loss. Not only is it felt in the department, but it's felt throughout the community and the whole state. There's a very special relationship with a K9, its handler and everyone they come in contact with during their time together.

The Dutchess County Sheriff's Office recently made a very sad announcement and the whole Hudson Valley is mourning the loss.

What loss did the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office recently suffer?

According to their post, DCSO K9 Max sadly passed away on February 6th, 2024. The post mentioned how K9 Max was partnered with Captain Todd Grieb and how they were involved in many operations that assisted the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office. I can't imagine how sad  Captain Grieb and his family must be during this time.

What exactly did they work on for those who don't know or understand how vital a K9 is?

K9 Max and Captain Grieb were a dynamic pair and they helped track suspects who were involved in crimes and helped locate missing or lost adults and children within the community. In addition to their daily work, they also did many demonstrations at schools and community events.

Just a few awesome things they did...


K9 Max retired in 2022 and has been living with Captain Grieb and his family ever since. Our thoughts are with Captain Grieb, his family, the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office, the community and everyone whom they touched.

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Thank you K9 Max for making the Hudson Valley a safer place and your contributions will never be forgotten.

Rest easy now.

Dutchess County Sheriff's Office/ Canva
Dutchess County Sheriff's Office/ Canva

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