A Dutchess County man attempted to bring a suspicious device on an airplane this weekend before being stopped by TSA agents.

The man from Hopewell Junction was traveling through LaGuardia Airport on Sunday when officers spotted the device in his carry-on bag during a pre-flight screening. The unidentified man was transporting two "torch-style lighters" and a homemade container that resembled a pipe bomb. The object was made out of a nine-inch long PVC pipe that was secured at each end with caps. A photo of the device shows just how scary the item looked when uncovered by officers.

After taking the device, agents removed one of the end caps. What they found inside came as a big surprise to everyone.

TSA / Farbstein, Lisa
TSA / Farbstein, Lisa

No, the device didn't contain explosive material.  Instead, they discovered a partially smoked cigar.

It turns out the Hopewell Junction man had constructed a homemade humidor that he was planning on using to transport his cigar while flying. Agents explained that the device looked eerily similar to a pipe bomb and would not be allowed on the plane.

Robert Duffy, the TSA’s Federal Security Director for LaGuardia Airport said that agents are always on the lookout for explosive devices.

This certainly gave the impression that it could be a pipe bomb that someone was attempting to carry onto an aircraft, Fortunately it turned out not to be an explosive device, but had he pulled it out during his flight, it could have caused a panic.

For this reason, TSA regulations forbid replica weapons from being brought aboard aircraft. The homemade humidor and lighters were surrendered to authorities for proper disposal.

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