You know, common sense would most likely suggest that once you've done something where the end result is you wind up in jail for your transgressions, you'd probably be hesitant to do ANYTHING else, that could prolong your stay behind bars. Well I guess common sense isn't necessarily common anymore, or at the very, it's not common for three particular Dutchess County inmates.

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Late last week, it was reported that three current Dutchess County Jail inmates would be facing a new fresh set of charges in light of recent events they were each involved in. The irony in al of this is that each of the three inmates was busted for the same thing.

Violations and New Charges

According to the press release from Dutchess County Government, the three inmates identified as 32-year old Bishmi Thrasher of Poughkeepsie, 45-year old Saed Ramadan of Wappinger and 44-year old Michael Winchcombe were all charged for violating orders of protection against them.


All three men now face a new set of charges which includes both felony and misdemeanor charges.

All three have been charged with aggravated family offense (felony) and criminal contempt 2nd (misd), and are accused of violating orders of protection by calling protected parties.

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The press release would go on to state that Mr. Thrasher is actually facing 2 counts for each of the new charges against him for seperate events in violating the orders of protection. Mr. Thrasher, Mr. Ramadan and Mr. Winchcombe were each arrested and charged on December 8, 2023 and they are also expected to be back in City of Poughkeepsie Court on December 18, 2023.

Potential Penalties for Court Order Violations

As it was stated previously the three charged inmates in question each face new felony and misdemeanor charges. With any felony charge the possibility of jail time if found guilty is present, or I guess in this case it would be extended jail time. If found guilty for the aggravated family offense charge, each suspect could be facing an additional 7 years behind bars and also be subject to a fine of up to $5K.

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The misdemeanor charge of criminal contempt in the second degree also carries a penalty but less severe. Potentially, this misdemeanor charge could get the inmates an additional year in jail. One charged with criminal contempt in the second degree may also face probation, community service or having to pay a fine.

This is not the first time Dutchess County inmates have been charged with crimes once they've already been locked up. Just last month, three other Dutchess County inmates were arrested for similar crimes while serving current terms in jail. You may read about that story here. Dutchess County Inmates Arrested Again While in Jail.

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